June 21, 2012

TV/Film – What I’m Looking Forward To – Monsters University

I was a huge fan of Monsters Inc when I first saw it all those years ago in the cinema and seeing this trailer has reminded me of just how good it was and made me realise how good this ones gunna be. It’s going to be classic Pixar greatness, enjoy the trailer.

June 17, 2012

Top Five: Ways In Which The World Is Most Likely To End

So it’s the year 2012 and the world doesn’t seem like ending any time soon (despite what people think the Mayans may have thought. I reckon they were just interrupted by the Spanish turning up and starting to rape and pillage everything in sight, Europeans are pricks, fact.) However, as shitty as it is, the world will end one day. Now I’ve consulted the internet and she reliably informs me that these are the most likely ways in which it will happen. Enjoy?

5. Singularity

Singularity is the idea that us stupid humans will one day invent an artificial intelligence that far surpasses ours, such as the infamous Skynet of the Terminator films. Truth be told it isn’t anywhere near as ludicrous as it sounds. We already have computers that far exceed the mathematical capabilities of any human being on the planet. Two things are required for shit to get real though, first the AI needs to be self aware and then it also needs to be able to have the ability to improve and replicate itself. With these perfect conditions reached it is more than likely the robots will turn on their human creators seeing them as the biggest threat to their existence and most likely trying to exterminate them. It’s gunna be ages till that happens though isn’t it? Oh, wait… we’re fucked.

Music: Song Song Of The Moment - Daughter - Youth

Not ashamed to admit I heard this on the ITV4 Tour De France 2012 advert (ok, maybe a little ashamed) and it is a corker. Strikes me as a mix between Bat For Lashes and Florence and the Machine with a little pinch of The XX in there for good measure. Had their EP on repeat constantly since I got it, although this is my favourite song off of it every tune is consistently brilliant you can get it here. This is chilling music at it’s best. Enjoy.