June 29, 2012

Girls: Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Lip Syncing To ‘Call Me Maybe’

Bit late on this one but still definitely worth a post. Apparently they just decided to make this whilst out in the Dominican Republic making their 2013 swimsuit calendar, not that you give two shits about the back story! Pro tip: Even if you hate the song you will LOVE this video.

Top Five: Types Of People You See In The Cinema

I love the cinema because I love films. However there are some aspects of the cinema experience that I’d change slightly if I had the chance, for example:
5. The Film Buff

You know the one I mean. He's usually middle aged, with a terrible receding hairline, a large distended belly and a faded and slightly torn Star Wars T-Shirt with Yoda on the front with the logo 'Show me your t**s you will.' (Particularly ironic because the last set of actual real life tits he's seen belong to his 50 year old neighbour and were only spotted for a moment when her dressing gown fell open as she was taking the bins out.)   He always sits right at the back of the theatre right in the middle, ignoring the fact that he gets free premiere seating with his Odeon loyalty card, because that's where he's always sat. Never, ever, does he go to the cinema with someone else.
As you enter the theatre he stares you down from the shadows just daring you to sit in the seat in front of him, however when you do he does nothing other than sigh audibly and continue to munch through his popcorn.  Note: The film buff is often mistaken for a paedophile as he attends many children's films, this is a misconception however. He cares not for anyone in the cinema, nor for the teen cast of High School Musical, he is simply there because it is a film and therefore he has to watch it. 

June 28, 2012

New Section!!! Random Rants

I was looking through my blog today and realised there was a long neglected section named CLOTHES. It seems that when I first started this blog I had some ridiculous idea that I was going to give you blokes who read this fashion advice?! I have now come to the realisation that I can barely dress myself so have decided to replace the misguided if not well meaning CLOTHES section with a different section based around something I feel I’m much more qualified to write about and much more experienced in, complaining. I’m going to try and be a bit funny while I do it and all because otherwise it would just be a section of me writing down things that piss me off and that’s what a diary is for and only girls have a diary and I aint a girl ok? Good, so what’s pissed me off recently…

The Weather

Music: Song Of The Moment – Florence And The Machine – Spectrum

Always been a MASSIVE fan of Florence and that special machine that she works with to make music. This song has only solidified my appreciation of her. It’s off her latest album Ceremonials, which is also a top notch listen, enjoy.

Girls: Kate Upton In Another Sexy Video

I vaguely remember posting a video a while back of Kate Upton eating a burger, that was good. This one though, this one is much much better. Enjoy.

And you’re back in the room. Told you it was good didn’t I, thanks to ZOO for bringing it to my attention.