June 14, 2012

TV/Film: Review – Men In Black 3

Who doesn’t enjoy Men In Black right? Ever since the opening scene in the first film where some agents discover what you would call an illegal ‘alien’ I was hooked and know most of the people I’ve talked to about it were too. With that in mind I came into the third instalment expecting to be thoroughly entertained and my expectations were exceeded. From the off you’re immediately aware that this film carries the same wit and humour that made the first two so successful. Will Smith once again puts in a brilliant performance as the sarcastic and funny Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones once again excels as the stoic and serious Agent K. The star performance in this film comes from Josh Brolin however as the younger, seemingly happier and slightly more talkative Agent K. He has Tommy Lee Jones’ mannerisms down to a tee, even his voice sounds like a younger, slightly less angry version of the Men In Black legend.

June 13, 2012

Tech/Music: The Future Of Concerts, Holograms

If you are yet to see the now legendary video of Tupac at Coachella 2012 (yeah, he was pretty much there) then check it out:


Top Blokes: The Dog Resuscitating Firefighter

You have to be pretty heroic to be a firefighter in the first place but you don’t have to be as caring as this guy. Great to see the two dogs up and walking after looking like they were on deaths door. This guys a definite Top Bloke.

June 12, 2012

Girls: Hannah Martin

So summer was here for a bit, but now it’s gone again, in an effort to bring it back here’s some pictures of Hannah Martin doing summery things like splashing in a pool, chilling on a sun lounger and wearing a swimming costume (around her knees). She’s a bit of alright aint she.

TV/Film – What I'm Looking Forward To – Dredd