February 09, 2012

Top Five: Ways That Students Procrastinate

We’re known for it, our ability to find absolutely anything to do other than what we’re meant to. Some call it an art, others call it a curse, hell I’ve already done it and I haven’t even finished my first sentence. There are some ways that people put off work that are more common than others though, so here’s my top five ways that students procrastinate:

5. Tidying
It’s a week till your 5 000 word essay on the role pigeons played during the cold war is due and you’re sat down at your desk with Word open (but blank save for the title). You’re about to open the first textbook when your foot budges forwards and taps against something. You look down to see a half finished Lucozade bottle and your eyes glance around your room. Suddenly your bin needs emptying (even though it’s half full), your sheets need changing (it has been a coupe of months to be fair) and you’ve decided you’re gunna wash up all the saucepans and plates, you know, for hygiene reasons. 2 hours later your room and the house is spotless and your laptop has gone into hibernation mode. Another good days work, time for a pint.

February 08, 2012

Music: The Most Amazing Beat Boxer Ever

Saw this video ages ago but thought I’d share it with you all now, this guy is insane!

February 06, 2012

Lifestyle: Munch Mondays – Steak & Chips

Another ridiculously easy meal for all you people who don’t know a hob from a spatula. Not the cheapest but it’s always nice to treat yourself every now and then isn’t it. If you fuck this up then I honestly think there’s no hope for you, just saying. Let’s get straight to the point, you need:

TV/Film: What I’m Looking Forward To–The Avengers

I hate the Superbowl but if you can take one thing from it it’s that it gives us some awesome adverts/trailers. No words can describe how unreal this film is gunna be, just watch and prepare to get a hard on.

February 05, 2012

Tech: Awesome Photos Of Project Gemini

Project Gemini through the eyes of the astronauts, part 2

Project Gemini was NASA’s second manned mission into space that was designed to help work towards spaceflight techniques that would work towards the Apollo missions which eventually led to the landing of men on the moon. Here’s some insanely cool colour photos of a few of the missions, mind blowing. Full article can be found here. More photos after the jump.