February 20, 2014

Gaming: Why Outlast is the Scariest Game I've Ever Played

As a man have you ever been so scared...

by something you've seen on a TV screen that you let out an audible yelp? I hadn't, until a few weeks ago. Then I downloaded Outlast. I'd seen a few mentions of it on IGN, Twitter etc and the fact it was completely free meant I had nothing to lose by downloading it. So I did. 

February 18, 2014

Girls: Kate Upton, a Bikini & Zero Gravity

There are two things every lad (and some ladies) know are amazing, zero gravity and Kate Upton in a bikini. But what happens when these two things combine? Beautiful, bouncy magic.

Written by Ryan Hill

Lifestyle: Hilly's Tips - How To Care For Your Beard

I've started growing a beard. It's been an emotional journey...

that began during the Christmas holidays. I just decided to stop shaving over the festive period, I'm not really sure why but I'm very glad I did. Due to personal reasons (the fact I wanted to leave my job and had to undergo a few interviews) my face fuzz always had to be sheared before it could reach a substantial level.

February 16, 2014

TV/Film: Review - Her

I was pretty intrigued when I saw the trailer for Her. I rate Juaoquin Phoenix as an actor, I thought he was particularly sick playing Johnny Cash in Walk The Line. Throw in Scarlett Johanson as the sultry, yet admitedly disembodied, Samantha and add to that writing and directing from Spike Jonze (of Wolf of Wall Street and Where The Wild Things Are fame) and as far as I was concerned they were onto a winner.