January 14, 2012

Girls: Arabella Drummond

She's gorgeous AND she can cook! Thanks Front.

Top Blokes: The Man Who Saved A Geezer From The Railway Tracks

Got no info on this bloke other than the fact he jumped on to some train tracks in a Madrid metro station and dragged a man away from an oncoming train with seconds to spare. Pretty heroic stuff, enjoy.

January 12, 2012

Lifestyle: Wankered Wednesdays – Manhattan

Yeah sorry it’s a day late, I was busy getting wankered yesterday.

Referred to as ‘the drinking mans drink’ the Manhattan is a cocktail that is pretty much all alcohol. A favourite of gentlemans clubs and expensive hotels worldwide it is guaranteed to get you absolutely steamed while also allowing you to look more sophisticated than you could ever manage to be:

You will need: 3 oz. of Bourbon, 2 oz. of sweet Vermouth, Maraschino Cherry, a dash of bitters and some ice.

To prepare: 1. Fill an 8 oz.glass with ice.
2. Add the Bourbon and sweet Vermouth
3. Stir and add a dash of bitters.
4. Drop in the Maraschino Cherry.

Start knocking them back and prepare to get wankered!

January 11, 2012

Lifestyle: Tattoos – What The Fuck Were They Thinking?!

A lad I know shared a link of a group on Facebook yesterday and well, all I can say is that the tattoos on there are breath taking…ly bad. My eyes actually tried to dry themselves out to commit suicide after I looked at them. Here’s a selection of his ‘best’ pieces of work.

His Facebook page can be found here if you want to see the rest of his collection and have a good laugh at some of the inspired comments. My personal favourites include:


January 09, 2012

Sport: Boxing - Amir Khan Vs Lamont Peterson, Fixed?

A fair bit has been said of the fight between Amir Khan & Lamont Peterson, I missed the actual bout but have read a lot of the fallout. The question was ‘had the fight been fixed?’ But it now seems almost certain that it was. Here’s a full video of the fight and a selection of Amir Khans tweets, seems pretty damning to me.

Top Five: Types Of People You See On The Train

I’m on the train back to uni and I’ve looked at the collection of individuals around me and thought to myself ‘Good God, if this is a real representation of the state of the human race we are fucked.’ So here’s my Top Five of the types of people you see on the train:

5. The rich kid
At first glance he’s a normal looking lad, wearing normal clothes and carrying a torn up backpack. But as soon as he opens his mouth you know different. Normally they’re talking on the phone REALLY loud and the conversation usually go something like this. “Oh, hai dad. Yah, yah… yaaaahh hahahaha. Well, I was just giving you a quick ring-a-ding haha because I wanted to check if you wanted me to pick up the Aston Martin tonight?! Yah, yah, naah, yaaahhh so you want me to get it from the stables tomorrow yah? Remember though, I’m sailing till tha evening if thats ok yah? Ok, cool, yah I’m ok thanks, yah got the train fine, you? Yah, yah, yah haha. Ok then, I’ll talk to you lataaahh. Oh bye tha way mum told me this morning that tha Porsche wouldn’t start so she had to take tha Ferrari to work. Yah terrible. Ok dad, yah, yah, yaaaaah hahaha blah, blah, blah blah, blah” *SMACK*

January 08, 2012

TV/Film: What I’m Looking Forward To – The Expendables 2

Nothing needs to be said really, just watch the trailer.

TV/Film: Review – Drive

Wasn’t too sure what to expect when I sat down to watch this, my sister had told me it ‘had some nasty bits in it’ so I was keen for a bit of violence but I wasn’t expecting a film as slick, visceral and enthralling as Drive. Less than 15 minutes from the start and I was already blown away by just how tense and, for want of a better word, cool the film was. Ryan Gosling plays a driver, more specifically a getaway driver who is hired by whoevers prepared to pay his fee. He asks no questions about that job, he lays out a simple set of rules and he drives. Things become slightly more complicated however when, surprise surprise, he meets a woman. Without wanting to give away too much he gets in way over his head and is soon up shit creek without a paddle.

Music: Why Did Biggie Have To Die?!

I know this is likely to start some arguments but Biggie is without hesitation in my opinion the greatest rapper to ever grace us with his presence and talent. From his times selling drugs and rapping on street corners to the night of March the 9th, 1997 when he was killed in a drive by shooting while his car was waiting at traffic lights he released consistently brilliant songs. I couldn’t really tell you why I rate Biggie so highly, there’s just something perfect about his flow and his lyrics and the conviction with which he raps them that never fails to drag me in.