June 08, 2012

Tech: Genetically Engineered Shoes

Right, for a start this story is dubious at best but is worth a mention because, on the miniscule chance it’s at all true, it’s insanely fucking cool. A Thai company called Rayfish has made the outlandish, to say the least, claim that it has successfully genetically engineered Stingrays to display any colouration or pattern imaginable on their skin by inserting genes from animals that carry said colourations/patterns into a fetal Stingray before allowing it to grow to a large enough size for them to ‘harvest’ it. So for what mighty aim are they carrying out such ethically questionable genetic modification? Discovering a cure for cancer? Developing the next level in military camouflage? Or maybe, just maybe, they are doing this to provide the world with fully customisable Stingray leather shoes… Yeah, that last ones right.

June 07, 2012

Music: Song Of The Moment – KiD CuDi – Pursuit Of Happiness (Steve Aoki Dance Remix)

Might not be a new song but I watched Project X last night (which by the way is a sick ass film) and this was on there, reminded me of just how decent this remix is, although I think the original is still the shit. Enjoy.

June 06, 2012

TV/Film: Review – Prometheus

I had been waiting for this film for what seemed like an eternity until I eventually went to see it with a few of my housemates last Friday. To say I had huge expectations as I sat there and put my 3D glasses on would be one of the biggest understatements of the century and as I left the theatre a couple of hours later I wasn’t disappointed but I wasn’t blown away either. Don’t get me wrong it is a quality film. The visuals are mind blowing from the opening scene with a behemoth of a flying saucer hanging solemnly in a cloudy grey sky to the finale involving lots of explosions and running. The story is also spectacular but it felt slightly protracted. With an all star cast including Charlize Theron as the cold and calculating Weyland representative Meredith Vickers, Idris Elba as the cool and calm ships captain Janek and Michael Fassbender with a particularly brilliant piece of acting as the ships cyborg David it was never going to be a bad film.

Gaming: What I’m Looking Forward To – Halo 4

I went off Halo after the second game, in a world where Call of Duty and Battlefield were blowing everyone away with huge production value and brilliant stories the Halo franchise felts slightly dated and cheesy, as if it was one of the old Star Trek films put up against the latest Blu Ray release. The various poor quality spin offs didn’t help it’s case either and it slipped out of my sphere of awareness. However with developers 343 Industries being handed the baton and tasked with re-establishing the Halo franchise in a relevant gaming market it looks like it could be back to the brilliance of the first game. The graphics look sleek, the story looks genuinely interesting and the gameplay appears to be involving and cool as fuck. It’s a while till it’s released but check out the recent E3 gameplay trailer and tell me it doesn’t look good.

June 05, 2012

Girls: Rosie Jones

What with it being the Jubilee and what with Rosie Jones being dead fit I thought I’d do a post of her wearing patriotic colours and flying the flag and stuff like that. I’d hang her bunting if you get my drift.

Top Bloke(s): Prisoners Save Screw From Being Choked To Death

If you were to watch this video without knowing the title you’d see it ending a very different way. Fair play to the top cons for helping out their arch enemy. Hopefully they got a few less beatings and something other than gruel to eat for a few weeks in thanks.

June 03, 2012

Top Five: Tips To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

So I’m guessing you’ve heard about the recent spate of cannibalistic attacks in Florida from a man literally eating another mans face off while he was still alive to another man murdering and chopping up his flatmate before proceeding to eat parts of his brain and his heart. You’re probably thinking ‘Wow that’s fucked up but that doesn’t make those people zombies, it makes them horrifically strange and scary as fuck, but not zombies.’ However something isn’t sitting right with me and a fair few of the other people who like to type up their thoughts on a laptop and force them on other people via the medium of blogging. Take for example the recent outbreak of an inexplicable rash in a Florida high school which affected all the students of a certain class almost simultaneously and resulted in the quarantine and decontamination of said students by hazmat teams. Coincidence you say? Ok then, how about this one, the man who was eating the other mans face refused to stop when approached by a policeman and instead turned and growled like an animal, further to this (as if you needed anymore fucking evidence) he continued to eat the mans face after being shot in the torso… FIVE TIMES! FIVE. FUCKING. TIMES!!! Riddle me that one.

Another Sincere Apology

Once again I have failed you all, my third year university workload became too much and my blogging fell at the wayside as I tried to get a degree. With all my work now handed in and most likely failed I can safely say I’ve got enough time to start blogging again, I really hope that doesn’t change when I enter the big bad world and get *gulp* a proper job. So, yeah, I’m sorry and will try and bring you some more stuff to read from now on. Seeing as my last apology contained a picture of Kitty Lea’s tits you can have one of her arse this time, thank me later.