January 03, 2012

Music: Johnny Cash - The American Recordings

 A few days ago my dad asked me to download the complete 'American Recordings' of Johnny Cash. (Which makes me laugh considering not too long ago he thought me as bad as a common thief for downloading music.) Anyway, I cracked on and downloaded it for him and added it to my iTunes to copy it to a disk for him.
Now I've always been a Johnny Cash fan but have never branched out past his 'essentials' or well known songs but since downloading this collection I've not been able to stop listening to it. The simple mixture of Cash's vocals and his guitar strings is riveting at worst but hypnotising at best. Songs such as I See A Darkness, The Man Who Couldn't Cry and his cover of Gordon Lightfoots If You Could Read My Mind are not just songs but stories. Why Cash was called a poet by many is now clear to me. I couldn't recommend this collection more. You can pick up American Recordings I - V at Amazon.

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