June 06, 2012

Gaming: What I’m Looking Forward To – Halo 4

I went off Halo after the second game, in a world where Call of Duty and Battlefield were blowing everyone away with huge production value and brilliant stories the Halo franchise felts slightly dated and cheesy, as if it was one of the old Star Trek films put up against the latest Blu Ray release. The various poor quality spin offs didn’t help it’s case either and it slipped out of my sphere of awareness. However with developers 343 Industries being handed the baton and tasked with re-establishing the Halo franchise in a relevant gaming market it looks like it could be back to the brilliance of the first game. The graphics look sleek, the story looks genuinely interesting and the gameplay appears to be involving and cool as fuck. It’s a while till it’s released but check out the recent E3 gameplay trailer and tell me it doesn’t look good.

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