January 08, 2012

Music: Why Did Biggie Have To Die?!

I know this is likely to start some arguments but Biggie is without hesitation in my opinion the greatest rapper to ever grace us with his presence and talent. From his times selling drugs and rapping on street corners to the night of March the 9th, 1997 when he was killed in a drive by shooting while his car was waiting at traffic lights he released consistently brilliant songs. I couldn’t really tell you why I rate Biggie so highly, there’s just something perfect about his flow and his lyrics and the conviction with which he raps them that never fails to drag me in.

His appeal is universal, I can’t relate to about 90% of the stuff he raps about, whether it’s getting locked up after dealing drugs just to get by or popping bottles with 10 different bitches while he sits in a hot tub and grins yet I still find myself rapping along. That’s when you know someone’s a real lyricist. I could quote his raps endlessly and it’s a struggle to pick out my favourite tracks of his BUT at the risk of causing more arguments I’m gunna try and give you a top 5, in no particular order (because it would be impossible to pick a top one). So here we go, my top five Notorious B.I.G. tracks:

5. Notorious Thugs (Ft. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)

4. Warning

3.Party & Bullshit



1. Juicy

Now although I’ve just tried my best to get together a top five for you guys, and I hope you’ve listened to all of them, I own his discography and I highly recommend you do the same thing. I am yet to hear one of his songs that I didn’t like. Now I would like to leave you with the immortal words of takeyourpillz:

Biggie comment

Word. R.I.P Biggie.

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