January 08, 2012

TV/Film: Review – Drive

Wasn’t too sure what to expect when I sat down to watch this, my sister had told me it ‘had some nasty bits in it’ so I was keen for a bit of violence but I wasn’t expecting a film as slick, visceral and enthralling as Drive. Less than 15 minutes from the start and I was already blown away by just how tense and, for want of a better word, cool the film was. Ryan Gosling plays a driver, more specifically a getaway driver who is hired by whoevers prepared to pay his fee. He asks no questions about that job, he lays out a simple set of rules and he drives. Things become slightly more complicated however when, surprise surprise, he meets a woman. Without wanting to give away too much he gets in way over his head and is soon up shit creek without a paddle.

This however is when the film gets even more interesting. The blood flows and the tension builds. I find it hard to highlight anything bad about this film, in HD some of the scenes were incredible like views of city skylines for example and the car chases were proper edge of your seat viewing. I couldn’t recommend this film more. Another highlight of the film for me was the soundtrack, songs such as A Real Hero just added to the mood of the film. Here’s a trailer to convince you further. (Although I will say now, like the top commenters on the video, I’m glad I didn’t watch this trailer before I saw the film, gives away a bit too much. You have been warned.)

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