January 04, 2012

Sport: Rugby - Danny Care dropped from Six Nations squad after failing drink-driving test

England international and Harlequins scrum-half Danny Care will miss the whole of the 2012 Six Nations tournament after failing a drink-driving test over the festive period. The RFU has said that the tough punishment comes after Care was involved in two alcohol related incidents in the past three weeks. He was first arrested early on December the 10th for being drunk and disorderly after Harlequins loss to Toulouse.
I know people are saying “Poor Care, he’s gunna miss out on a massive tournament” and if it was just because he’d been arrested for being drunk and disorderly I would agree, all us Rugby lads like a drink, but drink-driving is something different. Hopefully he’s learnt his lesson and will still be on form for the next Six Nations.

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