January 05, 2012

Gaming: Review – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Not going to lie, I’ve been playing this game daily for hours (and I really do mean hours and hours) since I got it for Christmas and I really do struggle to find one bad thing to say about it. From the moment you start playing you are blown away by the beauty of your surroundings and the attention to detail. The playing system is quick and easy to pick up and it allows you to seamlessly switch between weapons and spells. The character design is in depth, allowing you to change everything from your nose length to your scars.

What is most impressive about this game however is its open world structure. Of course there is a main storyline for you to follow which is both gripping and enjoyable but from the moment you start playing you can visit every location that you can see on your map. From talking to characters in this open world you will be given new quests and side stories to follow. Levelling up is simple and the use of a ‘perks’ system, where every time you go up a level you are given a point that can be spent on improving any skill from speechcraft to archery, means that the game is immersive and will never be the same on any one play through.

All in all this game is what it promised to be, a bigger, better and more badass version of Oblivion. I could not recommend this game enough, the only downside is that if you do buy it your social life will suffer, your girlfriend will be pissed at you because you’ll always be busy ‘at work’ and you will most likely get fired from your job. Well worth it though. In case you needed anymore convincing I’ll leave you with a gameplay video.

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