January 05, 2012

TV/Film: Review - Ironclad

Saw this film the other day after uhming and ahing about whether to download it or not. The reviews all said it was fairly mediocre, not much storyline, lots of killing and ultraviolence, teeny bit of sex and they were completely and utterly right. And I loved it! Within the first 15 minutes someone has already had their tongue cut off and about 20 nameless grunts have been dismembered by the films main man James Purefoy, of BBC’s Rome and Resident Evil fame. He plays a Templar on a religious crusade in the defense of the common man against the reign of a tyrannical King John. The majority of the film revolves around him and his band of rag tag men defending Rochester Castle from an army of Danish mercenaries hired by the King.

As I said earlier the film lacks a serious story and some of the dialogue is absolutely dire, with exchanges similar to the quality of: “How much did they pay to get you out of those stocks?” “5 shillings” “That really is cheaper than a whore!” being commonplace but the battle scenes more than make up for it. Personal highlights included a man literally getting cut in half by a broadsword and another man being beaten to death with a severed arm. All in all if you go into this film expecting very little in the way of story but a lot in the form of battle scenes and violence then you will be more than happy. Definitely worth a watch.

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