June 08, 2012

Tech: Genetically Engineered Shoes

Right, for a start this story is dubious at best but is worth a mention because, on the miniscule chance it’s at all true, it’s insanely fucking cool. A Thai company called Rayfish has made the outlandish, to say the least, claim that it has successfully genetically engineered Stingrays to display any colouration or pattern imaginable on their skin by inserting genes from animals that carry said colourations/patterns into a fetal Stingray before allowing it to grow to a large enough size for them to ‘harvest’ it. So for what mighty aim are they carrying out such ethically questionable genetic modification? Discovering a cure for cancer? Developing the next level in military camouflage? Or maybe, just maybe, they are doing this to provide the world with fully customisable Stingray leather shoes… Yeah, that last ones right.

If you haven’t clicked on the hyperlink on the companies name yet then now’s the time. Once there you will be allowed to design your own Stingray which if good enough will be especially made into a pair of shoes for you, yay! This is all 99% likely to be a hoax, lie or huge over exaggeration of some basic genetic research of some sort but if it turns out that it is in fact true this is huge news.

Supposed Zebra Stingrays in the Rayfish labs

Forget about Stingray leather shoes, how about a house cat with a Tigers stripes? Or a dog that looks like a Zebra? How long until they’ll be able to make animals take on other traits other than colouration? How about a pygmy Great White Shark in a tank in your living room? Or an Elephant sized Tarantula with lasers strapped to it?! The possibilities are endless. Check out the Rayfish promotional video below and see what you make of it.

Original article: DVICE

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