June 12, 2012

TV/Film – What I'm Looking Forward To – Dredd

Information about this reboot of the famous Judge Dredd film is sparse at the minute to say the least but what is known has got me rocking a semi. It’s written by Alex Garland of 28 Days Later and The Beach fame, two fucking awesome films in my opinion. It also stars Karl Urban i.e. Eomer from Lord of the Rings and Kirill from The Bourne Supremacy as the judge himself, in my opinion another promising snippet of info. There’s nothing more to be said about it really other than it’s pencilled in for release on Friday the 7th of September this year and that I literally cannot wait! This is where I’d normally link you a trailer but unfortunately there isn’t one so instead here’s an iconic scene from the 1995 ‘classic’ (if you can call it that) enjoy.

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