July 03, 2012

Gaming: What I’m Looking Forward To – Metro Last Light

Metro Last Light is the second game in an extremely underrated and overlooked post apocalyptic franchise. You play as Artyom, a young Russian man who has spent his life scraping an existence in the near future Russian metro system along with many others after they were forced down there as nuclear war destroyed and irradiated the surface. The first game, Metro 2033, was a first person shooter/slash survival horror which seamlessly jumped between Artyoms battle through the metro tunnels and on the surface as he was caught between warring factions and hunted by mutated creatures and his psychological battle as he tried to save his people and expel the demons of their dark past. What appealed to me about the game was the use of shadows to allow you to perform stealth kills and go undetected and the risk of freezing to death on the surface or running out of air filters which added an extra sense of jeopardy to already tense scenes.
Last Light looks set to improve on this already inspired idea. For me the first game had the perfect mix between run and gun simplicity, shit your pants scary moments and head scratchingly deep moral under currents throughout. If Last Light even equals 2033 in scope and quality I would recommend it to anyone but by the looks of the videos below it seems set to excel it. It’s set to be released early 2013 but until then these should keep you going, enjoy.

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