July 08, 2012

Sport: Football Finally Gets Goal-Line Technology

So, years after almost every other internationally followed and supported sport in the world has embraced technology assisted refereeing and decision making football has reluctantly joined the gang. The two technologies that are going to be implemented are Hawk-Eye, the same Hawk-Eye that’s used at Wimbledon and for the Cricket and involves the positioning of cameras at either end of the stadium and GoalRef which works with a chip placed inside the ball reacting with a magnetic field on the goalposts. Both will send signals to the referees watch telling him whether or not the ball crossed the line and therefore whether he can award a goal or not and will be implemented in time for the 2014 world cup.
It’s long overdue and although it will result in decisions, like the one pictured above against Ukraine not, going Englands way it will also ensure incidents like Lampards 2010 World Cup goal disallowing wont happen again. Here’s to a new era of clarity and fairness in an otherwise corrupted and deceitful game. Seb Blatter (twat) had this to say on the situation "Today (Thur 5th July) is a historic day for international football and for the IFAB. It's a very modern decision to apply this to football. It is so important because the objective of football is to score goals. With the new techniques and the new tactics, it's difficult to score goals, so it helps to use technology to help identify when a goal is scored. It's a help to the referee. There was a call for this technology and now I can say that we did it."

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