May 21, 2014

Video: DM Pranks Is Pretty Funny

Ever since Pennywise The Clown in Stephen King's IT these jovial, makeup covered individuals have had a bad rap. I mean, when have you ever actually heard of a clown killing someone? Well, apart from John Wayne Gacy of course... Recently the evil clown persona has seen a bit of a resurgence with the strangely intriguing Northampton Clown making random appearances and now this video from DM Pranks.

Basically, this is absolutely inspired in every way from the how the 'people's' 'heads' explode to the way the clown creepily stares at some of his potential 'victims.' Question is, would you run? Anyway, enjoy the video. I've also stuck a couple extra in for good measure. I would literally soil myself if someone came at me with a flamethrower...

Written by Ryan Hill

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