February 27, 2014

TV/Film: Previews - Godzilla Is Back

Reboot appears to be the buzzword in cinema of late. And whilst it seems every superhero and his dog has had their franchise half heartedly kick started with CGI heavy, storyline thin movies over the last few years the reboot we all wanted to see eluded us. Until now that is.

Godzilla is back and looking even more badass than ever. Even better, Heisenberg is in this one! Heisenberg vs Godzilla, you just couldn't write this shit (or maybe you could?) All joking aside I am genuinely looking forward to this film. Production value looks insane and I like the storyline twist of the nuclear weapons 'tests' being carried out to kill Godzilla rather than Godzilla being created due to radiation from nuclear weapons tests. 

Despite how good this film looks I will forever be disappointed for one reason. The Godzilla that came out when I was a young lad is genuinely one of my favourite films. I feel no shame in admitting I shed a tear as the majestic Godzilla got himself all tangled up in the bridge and rinsed by those jets. I was rooting for him the whole fucking film, I wanted him to wipe out the human race. Fuck humans when a giant super lizard is involved. 

That's why I was always filled with hope because of the last scene of that film, when the lone surviving baby Godzilla hatches out of it's egg and let's out that cute little roar. Ever since that day I have lived in anticipation of Godzilla 2 when I could watch that little bugger grow up and fuck up the people that killed his mummy. The fact this film is coming out now means I will never, ever get to see that day! Either way though more Godzilla is music to my ears. Now watch this trailer as I go and dry my eyes, that bridge scene is getting to me again.

Written by Ryan Hill

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