March 04, 2014

Faith In Humanity: Restored

Anybody that knows me will also be aware I have a lot of distain for people, of all those people Americans often take the biscuit. Their constant sabre rattling and politicians bloodthirsty diatribes are tiresome, refusal to believe in evolution staggering and ability to be the fattest country on the planet annoying (why do they have to be the best at loads of stuff, can’t they just let us be the fattest country in the world?! We’re trying really hard!)

However, with all that said, there is one thing I will always respect the American people for and that is the respect they show to the individuals that fought for their country. Veterans in the UK are lucky if they get spat on by passing pedestrians nowadays. Not so in the land of the free though. Take the below video for example. Competitors in the San Jose 408k race were cheered on by 95 year old Second World War veteran Joe Bell who had turned up in full military garb to support the runners and the races underlying cause, the Pat Tillman Foundation.

As the runners pass Joe a few of them return his claps then suddenly one breaks away from the pack, approaches Joe and offers his hand whilst thanking him for his service. Before you know it everyone’s doing it. Don’t have much more to say about this really, just
take a look.


Written by Ryan Hill

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